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The button you are accessing is authorized by Codensa S.A. ESP, a company that belongs to the Enel group in Colombia, for the payment of energy large payers previously authorized by the company, other products and services; and concepts of active and retired employees.

The information registered is protected as required by law 1581 of 2012 (Data protection Law).

1. For energy and other company products and services:



2. For active and retired employee concepts:




10 Legalization advances
13 Loss of card
21 Retroactive pensions and/or reimbursement of pension allowances
22 Prepaid Medicine
24 EPS Refunds (disabilities) and Compensation boxes
52 Vehicle loan
54 Household loan
55 Integral Housing Loan
56 Conventioned Housing Loan
57 Loan by Calamity
61 Dental Loan
62 Loan Advance
63 Free Investment Loan
64 Vacation Loan
65 Loan Higher study
66 Loan Training
67 Guaranteed University Loan
70 Seguridad Social-pension




3 Home loan
22 Prepaid Medicine
58 Vehicle loan
59 Educational loan
60 Household loan, calamity, free investment and vacation