72 health & lifestyle and 68 health trainings aimed at communities in the intervened areas.
32 articulation and support meetings for the Health and Sanitation Committee
43 public health surveillance days


Employment Restitution

The employment restitution program has been formulated with the objective of compensating the impact generated on the employment sources of the population that carried out its main economic activity in the area of ​​direct influence of the Plant. To date, 2,147 people have been part of the employment restitution program. The Company has delivered to the the employment restitution program population more than $ 6.4 billion pesos in educational aid and more than $ 60 billion pesos in seed capital payments.

Similarly, in compliance with Sentence T-135 issued by the Constitutional Court of Colombia, Census applications continued to be received for inclusion of those possibly affected by the construction and operation of the El Quimbo Hydroelectric Plant. During 2017, more than 400 people were called for the census process, of which 44% did not join the process mainly because they did not attend the call, and for the remaining 56%, upon carrying out an individual analysis of the manifested impacts to their economic base, it was found that only 4 of them met all the criteria to be recognized with a management measure, equivalent to the granting of Educational Assistance and a Seed Capital equivalent to $ 25 million pesos, for each one.

Local Fishermen Assistance

In regards to Attention to Local Fishermen, the monitoring of their living conditions and economic performance continued in terms of the investment they made with the seed capital granted by Enel Colombia. Of this population, which corresponds to 201 local fishermen, it was observed that their investments were mainly destined to improve their conditions and quality of life and that in those cases where the investment was made in a productive sector, their income is around 2 current legal minimum monthly wages and generating 20 jobs on average.

New Venture Facilitation

Our company is pioneer in bringing and developing the Sirolli Institute methodology to Colombia, which for more than 25 years has driven the creation of more than 45,000 new business ventures in the world in order to promote the creation of shared value that focuses on people, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and considering entrepreneurship as a professional option. As a result of the implementation of this methodology, in 2017 we managed to promote a total of 259 projects, of which 16 were publicly launched in November. These ventures are already financially sustainable, with sales growth of more than 300% since they have applied the methodology, and they are also generating income and employment in the municipalities of Gigante, Garzón and El Agrado. The launching was attended by more than 700 people, including municipal administrations. The regional press in the days following the event positively highlighted the launches with several articles in the media.