Among the Enel group’s most outstanding awards is the Andesco sustainability award in the category of: Companies with the best working environment: Enel Distribution and Enel Generation were jointly awarded.
In March 2018, the Enel Group was awarded the Gold Label Equipares, which recognizes 26 companies that have reached the different levels of Labor Equality, Seal.
Healthy Organization certification
Another of the most recent Enel Distribution achievements was receiving the certification as a Healthy Company, granted by the Colombian Heart Foundation.




Enel Distribution and Enel Generation are among the 24 companies that make up the country’s anti -corruption list, an initiative led by the government and seconded by public and private sector companies. Companies were included in the list due to their internal policies, high standards and procedures to prevent, detect and punish acts related to corruption.


For the second consecutive year, Enel Distribution, an Enel Group company in Colombia, is on the contry’s innovation ranking as created by the ANDI and Dinero Magazine. The company has participated in this ranking’s two editions. This year, 329 companies from all over the country participated, and we were ranked 14th, in the same way the company was ranked 3rd as the most innovative Services companies, and was ranked 5th as the most innovative company in Bogotá and Cundinamarca.


Ratifying a vision oriented towards equality, in July of 2018 and for the third consecutive year, Enel group companies were ranked in the top 10 most inclusive companies in the country, by occupying the fourth place. The results were announced by Aequales consultancy company and the College of Advanced Management Studies (CESA), after analyzing four basic criteria: organizational culture, organizational structure, objectives and equality and talent management strategies.


Due to our commitment to a work-family balance for our employees, in 2013 Enel Group companies in Colombia were awarded the Family Responsible Company certificate, and was ratified in 2015, it focuses on 5 Main axes: Employment quality, temporal and spatial flexibility, professional development, equal opportunities and support for the employees’ families.

Human Capital Management Principle of Corporate Governance

The current composition of the Board of Directors responds to the strategic pillars and challenges defined and identified by the organization and is fully aligned with the company's corporate strategy. Taking into account the leading role that society occupies in the electric power market in Colombia, the members appointed by the Shareholders' Meeting have a suitable professional profile and path that reflects their ability to make informed and highly fruitful decisions for those involved. shareholders and the company itself, within the framework of the development of its corporate purpose.

It is important to bear in mind that the Board of Directors is appointed by the General Assembly of Shareholders and is made up of seven (7) main members, each with a personal substitute of which 25% of the members of the Board of Directors are members. independent because it is an issuer of securities. The two major shareholders that have the possibility of forming the Board of Directors are Grupo ENEL and Grupo Energía de Bogotá, which are business groups that easily rank as world leaders and experts in the electric power business.

The curriculum and professional profile of each member of the Board of Directors, which show their extensive experience in the sector in Colombia and abroad, is available to all investors on the website provided for it and is being updated periodically. All members according to their profiles and good performance in the sessions of the Board of Directors and the consequent strategic decision-making contribute directly to the proper development of the corporate strategy, which represents the strategic fit of the board of directors. The profiles include the highest professionals such as directors and presidents of business groups associated with the electric power sector, lawyers, economists, business administrators, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, financial experts and businessmen, all of whom have the Highest knowledge and experience to guide society on the path of success within its market.