Gender equality

Gender equality

At Enel Colombia we move in a traditionally male sector, in which most of the technical and managerial positions are occupied by men. However, for some years now we have focused on changing this reality in all management processes, by generating opportunities for both men and women.

Likewise, we work to make possible that our employees have a professional development, and also they can enjoy and share family leisure time so they can fulfill the responsibilities they have with their children and protecting their family circle.

The most important points on which we have worked are:

  • "Unmasculinize" the energy sector: we are looking for more and more women to get involved and professionally grow in the sector.
  • Equal opportunities: we promote opening technical and administrative positions, as well as a equal salaries, promotion and professional development for men and women alike.
  • Responsible and inclusive management: we constantly measure the positive impact of our gender equality policies, in addition to investigating the behavior of all areas in our enterprise, in order to actively participate in campaigns that fight inequality.


Additionally, in our companies we promote the enjoyment of family time for both women and men alike, that is why we have developed a series of initiatives that allow men to support parenting responsibilities and contribute to household chores. Based on these policies, in 2015, we received the Responsible Family Company certificate given by the Más Familia Foundation of Spain.

We have been promoting Gender Equalty in the aforementioned ways, with the aim of breaking down gender paradigms in the workplace. The Ministry of Labor recognized the company with the Gold Seal of Labor Equality (EQUIPARES), and we become the first company in the electric sector to obtain this recognition, the highest distinction within these awards. Also the company currently occupies the fourth place among the ten private companies with the best labor equality practices in the country, according to the gender equality ranking developed by AEQUALES, the District Women’s Department and the College of Advanced Management Studies (CESA), and we were awarded as the company that has made the most progress in this ranking since its creation in 2015.