We develop our people’s potential

We develop our people’s potential

We work in order to make people  feel motivated by promoting their satisfaction in the work, which contributes to improve the working climate and is a driver of experiences of happiness leveraging in the opportunities of reconciliation between personal life, family and work, in development and learning, in the meaning of their work in social development and in compensation, all included within the framework of the Total Rewarding part of our retention policy, creating memorable experiences in your corporate journey, generating commitment and a sense of belonging to the Company.

We permanently strengthen the skills of our collaborators

We count on a training procedure in which the mechanisms by which training needs for all our people are identified are defined. All this is structured through a Corporate University that contains 5 Faculties: 1-Open Power (soft skills), 2- Digital Transformation, 3- Technical Faculty, 4- Diversity and 5- Innovation. Each person can access the University and build their Individual Development Plan (PDI) and it is the tool that allows us to provide options for our people to be involved effectively within their training opportunities.

Our training program includes the latest trends in Human Development and Digital Transformation. Not only do we enter into alliances with the country’s best educational institutions, but as a Multinational Group, we also have access to the best global  practices in different fields knowledge.

The companies of the Enel Group in Colombia have agreements with some of the most highly regarded universities in the world and they are permanently researching and innovating in all aspects related to the energy business.

Our companies offer a unique opportunity to participate in multinational projects, which allows lifelong learning, in addition to sharing with cultures from different countries.

Be a World Citizen

Enel Group has a presence in more than thirty countries worldwide, and this opens a series of possibilities for our employees to become global talents, by participating in projects that are not only related to the energy but whose main focus is the planet’s care and sustainability.

Diversity, permanent change, purposeful projects, flexibility and innovation are the permanent characteristics of our organization’s daily work. We give equal importance to both professional and personal development and we are firm believers that happy people are the most productive people.


“As part of the Enel Group, we promote and drive our employees training and development in order to strengthen their professional and personal growth”

– Rafael Carbonell- Manager of Human Resources and Organization