Market Overview

This is how energy and gas reach your company

Do your know how the energy reaches your business?


There are four activities involved in the energy market in our country:

1. Generation: the energy leaves the power plants.

2. Transmission: we drive the energy from the generation plants to outside of the consumption centers through high voltage lines.

3. Distribution: we transport the energy from the National Transmission System to the cities.

4. Marketing: we measure, bill and serve our customers in an activity developed within free competition.

Currently, at Enel Colombia we participate as a generating agent in the Non-Regulated Market, which is composed, according to the provisions of the regulation, by end users that consume at least 55,000 kwh/month of energy or 0.1 MW of power.

Interesting figures

  • 63.7% of power generation in Colombia comes from water resources, while 31.5% comes from thermal resources such as gas, coal and fuel oil.
  • At the end of 2017, the net effective capacity installed in the National Interconnected System was 16,779 MW.
  • At Enel Colombia we have an installed capacity of 3,467 MW. We are the second largest generator in the country, with a 21.5% market share.



For our optimal gas commercialization, we take into account the different markets.

Primary Market: Natural gas producers and marketers and imported gas traders can offer natural gas. Also natural gas transporters can offer their transport capacity.

Secondary Market: market participants with gas supply rights and/or with secondary available capacity can negotiate their contractual rights. Natural gas producers-marketers, imported gas traders and transporters may participate as buyers in this market.

Market Manager: responsible for the provision of primary market and secondary market management services. These are its main functions:

  • Design, implement and administer the BEC.
  • Centralizes transactional and operational information.
  • Manages the auction mechanism in the primary natural gas market.
  • Manages the marketing mechanisms of the secondary natural gas market.
  • Manages the auction mechanism envisaged for contracts with interruptions in the natural gas wholesale market.
  • Reports information for monitoring the wholesale natural gas market.


In February 2013, we became a Natural Gas Marketer in Colombia, under the parameters defined in Resolution CREG 089 of 2013 (now Resolution 114 of 2017). We serve clients of the Non- Regulated Market with greater participation in industrial users with national coverage. Therefore, at Enel Colombia we have Supply and Transport contracts in the Primary and Secondary Market; We reach customers by Gas Pipeline or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Energy and gas move better in our hands, always with the support of Enel Colombia.