Resolution CREG 156/2011, 089/2013 and 123/2013

In accordance with Colombian legislation, the user has the right to freely choose their electric power and natural gas marketer, which may be the same distributor or another marketing agent that operates nationwide.The difference is that the distributor is the owner of the distribution infrastructure and provides electricity and natural gas distribution service to other market agents who request it, while the marketer carries out purchase and selling activities.

Enel Colombia serves non-regulated users at the national level, a market in which 85 electricity and 75 natural gas marketers participate. Enel Colombia´s customers negotiate and freely agree on the price conditions of electric power and natural gas through contracts.

Learn the requirements and the procedure to change your marketer here:

Resolución CREG 089 de 2013

Spanish version


Resolución CREG 156 de 2011

Spanish version


Resolución CREG 123 de 2013

Spanish version



Remember that Enel Colombia provides its customers with the advice and support necessary for everything related to the provision of electricity and gas services. If you want more information, contact your Area’s Commercial Coordinator.

Note: This publication is made in compliance with the provisions of Resolutions 156 of 2011, 089 of 2013 and 123 of 2013 issued by the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission -CREG- and its purpose is exclusively regulatory, and has no effect whatsoever on fiscal matters.