How to identify electricity theft?

1. If you find out that in a building there are cables connected to the poles without a meter, or when you notice that a meter has loose or burned wires, holes or even foreign objects, it may have been modified and be part of a fraudulent connection.

2. When you see a person who is not identified as an Enel Colombia technician connecting light cables and manipulating the meters, or if a person offers clandestine services to pay less or even to never pay for your electricity service again you are in front of a robber

What are the risks people expose themselves during electricity theft?

People who modify electrical connections may suffer electrocution.
Manipulated electrical installations cause power fluctuations that can cause fires or damages to electrical appliances.
Electricity theft is a crime and can result in payment of damages of up to 150 minimum wages and jail with sentences of up to 72 months.


How to denounce it?

If you have identified an electricity theft situation in your community, you may report it anonymously here.