Online Billing Service

Welcome to the digital era

Requesting the bill at your door or looking for it in the mailbox, forgetting it at a table, running on the last day to pay it, standing in line, losing it again and looking for it to filing it away and taking up space. Those are things of the past. The world is constantly changing: increasingly faster, more digital, and in a constant search to be kind to the environment.

That your bill always arrives to your email and not in a physical way not only speeds up the process and facilitates access to it, but saves on printing processes that require a lot of time and money.

At Enel Colombia we are always at the forefront and to make your life easier, we want your bill to reach your inbox instantly. Just by signing up you will receive your online bill each month.

What are the benefits and advantages of the online bill?

You will not lose your bill and you may consult it at any time.
We always remind you of your payment date, for your peace of mind.
It is environmentally friendly because you reduce the use of paper
Tu correo electrónico es un medio más seguro y confiable para recibir la factura.
Ahorrarás espacio físico al no tener que almacenar las facturas.
Tendrás mayor seguridad de que no se perderá tu factura.


Be part of the progress toward the future! If you have questions or want to know more about online billing, you may go to the FAQs section.