What do I do if the power goes out?

Find out if your neighbors do not have energy service either. Otherwise, you must go to your trusted technician.
Remember to protect your equipment by disconnecting the ones you are not using, to avoid discharges when the light returns. Use a grounded power outlet and an energy stabilizer so that your equipment does not suffer damages in case of electrical storms.
Report faults by calling the 115 line or through our online channels: Facebook, Twitter, Website and Mobile App.


When is it necessary to perform maintenance of electrical networks?

If strictly necessary, we temporarily suspend the power supply, with the aim of being able to work safely in our power grids to improve their condition and to be able to carry out extensions that allow us to take them to more places in Bogota and Cundinamarca. These suspensions in the service for maintenance will be disclosed in advance through different media such as press in Bogota and radio or periphone in Cundinamarca.

You can also check if your property has a service interruption due to scheduled maintenance by clicking on this link