Enel Colombia’s Bill has evolved to an interactive format that not only makes your life easier, but also saves paper and helps us plant 10,000 native plants in the Renace Forest, in a program supported by the Ministry of Environment.

Choose a better tomorrow, click here and switch to virtual billing.

At Enel Colombia, we want to make your life easier, so we invite you to sign up to receive your energy bill in your e-mail, so you won’t forget it on your desk or have to wait in line again. Plus, you help us have a more sustainable planet.


Benefits of signing up for Enel Colombia’s Virtual Billing

Always with you
You can check it whenever and wherever you want.
We remind you of payment dates for your peace of mind.
You take care of the planet
You save paper and contribute to sustainability.
It’s secure
Your email is a secure way to receive it.
You save space
You no longer have to use space in your home to store bills.
You don’t lose it
The paper bill can be lost, but it won’t when it’s in your email.




Signing up for Enel Colombia’s Virtual Billing doesn’t take much time, and it offers you many benefits. By having it in your email, you won’t depend on paper anymore. Here, we’ll explain step by step everything you need to know. If you have more questions, write to us on Twitter @EnelClientesCO, and we’ll get back to you.

How to sign-up or Virtual Billing. See the step-by-step process in this video.