How does our service work with an intelligent meter?

1. Collect and send information
The smart meter records all the energy consumption data and then encrypts this information to send it to the data concentrators, through the electrical network with a transmission frequency of every 15 minutes.
2. Centralize data
The information from the smart meters is gathered in several hubs installed in the city, and then sent to a single data packet via wireless network, to the smart measurement operations center.
3. Analyze and manage
The smart measurement operations center or central system analyzes the demand information and manages the energy at each connection, disconnection and measurement point continuously.


What benefits do you get with our smart meters?

  • Safety and comfort:

As the reading is done remotely and automatically, it will no longer be necessary to enter your home, making it more comfortable, reliable and safe for you.

  • Consumption details:

In addition to your invoice, we will send you an attachment detailing the average energy consumption per weekday and for the period invoiced with the per hour breakdown for the day of the highest consumption.

  • Backup Charge:

You have a minimum charge for 3 days before the suspension of the service in case you forget to pay your energy bill. Once we register the payment of your invoice, the reconnection will be done in less time and it will be done remotely.

If you have any questions or comments about this technology or our implementation process, you can contact us through our online chat