“This virtualization is a strategy to getting closer to our clients. We value their time and want to always be there for them delivering solutions via any channel”

– Santiago Valdeblanquez, Head of Virtual Customer Service Division, Enel Distribución.

We now have experienced exponential growth in our virtual channels with 67% of our customer service virtualized. Today, 480,000 transactions are carried out on our website. We have 550,000 registered customers, 320,000 fans on Facebook, 20,000 on Twitter, and 18,000 mobile app downloads, with a total of 6,000 transactions on it.

These figures are proof positive proof of our fantastic virtual-channel consolidation. Our goal is to continue to boost our virtual options for our customer ties even more, so that in 5 years we will be taking care of 87% of our customer service on line.

Enel opens a window to a new world

There are still some people today who take advantage of our in-person and customer service.  Every month, we ’ve receivedwelcome over 140,000 people at our service offices and process nearly 200,000 transactions. It is part of our virtualization strategy to onboard these monthly in-person clients for more timely responses to their requirements, or to follow up with them on-line even after their visit to our offices.

Another facet of our virtualization process is a Smart-Touch Console at our in-person customer service points. These smart consoles will offer extended hours from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. 365 days of thea year opening the window toup a nNew wWorld for customers.

Our first prototype for self service wWill be installed in our service centers in Soacha for self service. Users may obtain copies of their invoices , server website, and contact a virtual agent, who will be remotely connected and will take care of any requests whatsoever.

We will soon set up two more self service smart-touch consoles at our Restrepo and Kennedy service points. Yet another console will be installed at our Experience Center on Avenida Suba, as well as our mobile service centers that drive all overmove throughout all of Bogota.

Depending on the technological revolution, our aim is over the short-term aim is to implement this technology in our 10 offices, as well as at additional points around the city.

“Smart windows are supplementary virtual channels that also address our organizational culture, which is geared towards making the customer’s experience with us ever better, transforming our service model through creativity and giving people what they are asking for”

– Liliana Melba Mesa, Expert in Personalized Customer Service, Enel Distribución.