Approaching an Intelligent Use of Energy

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2016

“We are very proud to have an ally as Autogermana, because it is the first customer who believed in this plan of energy efficiency and in which we find a great ally to open ourselves to new ways of delivering and managing energy for our customers”

– Lucio Rubio, Managing Director at Enel Colombia

The group’s global experience empowers us

The Enel Group's vision is focused on the renewable energy sector, as well as on research and development of new technologies that respect the environment and support local needs. Today, we are the world leader in the development of renewable energy, 47% of our electricity production comes from zero emission sources.

Also, according to Fortune magazine, among 50 companies, the Enel Group, being the only public utility company, is among the five best in the world due to its social impact and has been recognized for eliminating barriers to the development of clean energy and its commitment to get the company to achieve a zero carbon balance by 2050.

At the local level, the challenge as a company of Enel Group Colombia is to implement in 5 years more than 12 thousand renewable energy systems in companies, schools, shopping centers and homes, thus maintaining the path we have traced, which aims to consolidate the concept of intelligent cities in the country, focusing on projects that support care for the environment while innovating to meet the energy needs of our users in a sustainable way.