Smart Cities, the Cities of the Future

Published on Tuesday, 15 November 2016

“It is very satisfactory for us to implement this important technological innovation project, through which we are incorporating in our distribution system modern energy consumption metering equipment, with technology developed by the Enel Group, and that today we put at the service of our customers”

– David Felipe Acosta, General Manager

We live better thanks to this new way of regulating our energy

Intelligent metering is a technological solution that allows a two-way flow of information, from the homes to our control center, which offers the possibility to optimize the electricity network operation, improve the quality of our service, and ensure the reliability and safety of all.

Through smart meters, families can constantly monitor the behavior of energy consumption in the home, allowing them to change habits and more actively manage their energy use. In addition, they can compare their consumption with that of their neighbors, which allows them to verify how their consumption is compared to that of their community.

In addition to consumer analysis, smart metering allows the customer to maintain a basic charge in their homes to withstand lighting and some appliances such as the refrigerator, in case they forget to pay the electricity bill. And in regards to the reconnection of the service, it allows to do it remotely, avoiding the technician’s visit to the home, thus taking a shorter time.

In 2017, the promise for Colombia is to bring this innovative technology to the nearly three million homes that Enel - Codensa has in the city of Bogotá, in order to continue contributing to the improvement of our customers’ quality of life.

The Enel Group, a pioneer in digital technology

The intelligent metering technology developed by the Enel Group, to which we belong, is one of the most modern in the market, and proof of this are the over 40 million customers in Italy who today have a new way of using energy.

Likewise, Endesa España, an Enel Group company, has installed around 7 million smart meters in the areas where it operates as a distributor (Catalonia, Aragon, Andalusia, and the Balearic and Canary Islands). As for the penetration of this new metering in Latin America, Enel Chile began in 2016 the installation of 50,000 smart meters in several communes of the city of Santiago.