Lighting our Chocontá community walking areas

Published on Thursday, 25 October 2018

“Having better-lit areas will allow us to have public spaces that grant the area's commerce greater fluidity, families will be able to go out at any time of the day, and the security perception in the town will increase, with more illuminated areas”

– Alexander Chaparro, Government Secretary of Choconta municipality.

Benefits of LED lamps

Greater visibility in the reproduction of colors for pedestrians.
45% energy savings.
Quality of service is increased as these lamps require less maintenance.


Taking a step toward the future

According to Johann Flores, electrical engineer at Enel-Codensa, the installation process was basically structured in 3 projects, first the park where a civil work was done, the urban area that has around 780 lamps and the rural area with more than 260 lamps. This covers 100% of the municipality, so that its streets and main park have a new lighting with LED technology.