We care for the environment to preserve our future

Published on Wednesday, 28 November 2018


As environmental sustainability is a fundamental aspect of our business strategy, we want to encourage in the country the development of initiatives such as our ecological restoration program, which are oriented toward the preservation of our natural resources. That is why we held the symposium "Ecological restoration, a fundamental piece of environmental sustainability in Colombia", which had the participation of important representatives and experts in environmental matters, to present the successful results that we obtained in our pilot plan, and highlight the importance of working together and involving the different actors, in order to achieve the sustainability over time of the environmental projects that are undertaken.

“The main reason for this encounter is to share with the country the best practices and strategies that we have identified up to now, through the Pilot Plan of our Ecological Restoration Program of El Quimbo. This program that we are advancing in Huila is a sample of our social and environmental commitment with Colombia, contributing to the protection of the environment and fostering the development of scientific knowledge”

– Lucio Rubio, Director General.