Technology at the service of energy

Published on Monday, 18 February 2019

“This has been a change from heaven to earth because we could not connect a refrigerator, you could not buy food for more than two days or otherwise it would go bad, and the meat had to be salted so that it would not decompose”

– Herlintón González, inhabitant of the community.

With this project we brought electricity to 58 farms in the rural area of ​​these villages, for which it was even necessary to use a helicopter to transport the materials due to the difficult terrain. Carrying out the network wiring using a guiding drone took only about five hours, when previously doing this in a traditional way could take up to two and a half days, since the crews had to transport the cable on foot, pass it over each tree and mountain that was in the way, running the risk of entanglement in bushes, a challenging scenario, since the only solution was to untangle it manually.


Connecting communities to electric power is not the only task that drones have, we also use them to remove foreign elements in the power line that may affect the energy flow. Mostly, they are used in the wind season, between the end of July and the beginning of September, which is when people come out to fly their kites in the city.

In Bogota, the Enel-Codensa crews have used the "dragon drone" to support and expedite their work. This is a type of drone that shoots fire, incinerates the object and allows it to be removed in approximately 5 minutes, without the need to suspend the energy service, and without putting our people at risk.

During the wind season, we have removed around 2,400 kites from the electricity grids, and the use of this drone has allowed us to do it in a shorter timeframe and more efficiently.

Thanks to the incorporation of these technologies in our operation, we are optimizing our work, allowing more and more people in different parts of the country to connect to the electric service and ensuring that those who already have access to it can continue to enjoy it without interruptions. The goal is to continue incorporating innovations that allow us to optimize our processes more and more, in order to provide our customers with a better service every day and at all times.