Advancing towards a more equitable and diverse company

Published on Wednesday, 20 March 2019

“In 2013 my wife became pregnant with twins and I wanted to be part of the whole process, but I feared this would not be possible. However, thanks to the ‘quality of life’ programs offered by the company I was able to take the necessary spaces with my wife to live the parenting experience to the fullest. Today I continue to make use of these benefits, which allow me to spend more time with my daughters”

– Gian Paolo Daguer, Deputy Manager of HSEQ (Health, Security, Environment and Quality) at Enel Colombia.

On the other hand, we realized that young women did not see an opportunity for professional development in technical careers, but to strengthen gender equality in our sector, it was key to bring them closer to access this type of careers. Therefore we developed the "Seed Plan" program, in which both women and men can obtain training in these areas. In this way, we have ensured that more women can perform technical tasks and incorporate themselves in the processes and tasks that we perform in our operation. Nowadays, 38% of the program’s participants are women, and this has allowed us to break down some collective barriers, forming mixed teams for the first time within the electricity sector, and we have even formed the first women-only team.

“We started thinking differently and we realized that women have the skills to perform technical tasks. As they are more dedicated and follow the rules more strictly, these are all strengths that are extremely important in our operation”

– Carlos Valenzuela, Seed Plan Leader.

“Women play a fundamental role in the success of modern companies. They add a human component that is important and highly differentiating in the management of personnel, and team building. They enter the processes without bias, they take the time to know and understand what they are going to handle, and they undoubtedly add value constantly to our organization and to what we do”

– Marco Fidel, head of the medium and low voltage department at the Bogota Operational Unit.

Thanks to all the efforts that we have made over the years to be more equal regarding gender issues, we were recognized with the Gold Seal of Employment Equality (Equipares), an initiative that motivates companies to increasingly commit to work for gender equality in the country.

No doubt at Enel Colombia we bet on an inclusive model in which we work hard for diversity and equality, because we want all people who are part of our companies to feel included and recognized. We believe that by having more diverse work teams we can fulfill our vision, be more innovative, proactive and therefore achieve better results.