A new energy reaches the Municipality of Lenguazaque

Published on Monday, 25 November 2019

“Thanks to this new technology, the public lighting failure rate will also drop, and the municipality will have a more reliable and efficient energy system”

– Herlem Chitiva Malaver - Smart Lighting Product Manager at Enel-Codensa.

Vista nocturna de la modificación del Alumbrado Público - Municipio de Lenguazaque, Cundinamarca.

In order to replace and modernize about 600 luminaries in Lenguazaque, we had to carry out different processes to collect relevant information in order to determine the type of LED luminaires suitable for the project. In this way, and through an improvement in the municipality’s structure, both in the urban and rural areas, we managed to give the more than 10,000 inhabitants that now live in this area, a boost to the trade and tourism sectors, all while enjoying unrestricted spaces during the night.

Vista Parque principal alumbrado público - Municipio de Lenguazaque, Cundinamarca.

With such strategies, we at Enel-Codensa reaffirm our commitment to implementing improvements in the quality of the energy service, in addition to showing our constant search for improving the quality of life of entire communities through sustainable development.