More innovative every day 

Over the last three years, our innovation system has engaged more than 1,700 of our employees, who have presented ideas and projects aimed at innovating our service and the electrical industry as a whole while protecting the environment and remaining sustainable. Currently, we have a portfolio of 56 projects registered in different categories, such as electric mobility, smart grids, anti-theft, environmental, quality of electric service, energy efficiency, customer service, safety and other new products and services.

We transform through innovation, not only in the way we do things, but we become more open to seeking ideas and inspiration. In this sense, three fundamental aspects make it possible for us to face the challenge of becoming more innovative every day:

  • Culture of Innovation: We foster creativity, and those who work under our Open Power philosophy empower themselves through transformative ideas. All of our areas have in-house innovation programs where our staff is invited to take risks suggesting and creating new projects within the company while at the same time being part of larger projects that seek to change the overall direction of the company.
  • Leadership Empowerment: With innovation as a firm basis, we seek to train people capable of leadership in all areas of our business that require creativity. We continuously implement new work methodologies in an environment that facilitates collaboration, and where solutions to different problems can be found, by identifying new opportunities to enhance how we can proceed.
  • Using disruptive models: We want to break the molds that have shaped the creation of products and services in our sector. To that end, we are continually promoting incubation projects and innovative ideas that offer real opportunities for growth for the organization but, above all, that have the potential to have a great impact on people's lives. 


Innovating in Colombia represents a risk for Enel Group companies . It requires overcome barriers by learning from mistakes, to open energy to new uses, new technologies and people. We are innovative by our very nature!