ENEL COLOMBIA S.A. ESP is the first company in the electrical sector that offers a work environment that enhances life, by receiving the certificate that accredits it as a Healthy Organization.
ENEL COLOMBIA S.A. ESP is recognized by the Global Compact organization for "Good practices in the decontamination treatment of equipment with PCBs"
ENEL COLOMBIA S.A. ESP has ISO 9001 Vs 2015 - ISO 14001 Vs 2015 - ISO 50001- OHSAS - 18001 Vs 2007 certifications.

Verification of the Integrated Management System (SGI)

At Enel Colombia we have defined analysis and evaluation methods by means of indicators and controls in the process, as an indispensable strategy for monitoring and controlling the results of the macroprocesses, processes, activities and/or projects carried out within the organization, with the indicators serving as a tool that contributes to continuous improvement, and the fulfillment of its strategic objectives.

The data and information analyzed and evaluated must comply with the standard requirements of the management system of reference - ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), OHSAS 18001 (health and safety) and ISO 50001 (energy) - applicable to the evaluation level and period, including the management system’s performance and effectiveness, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction, external supplier performance and identification of new risks and opportunities.

Improvement opportunities

In order to meet the demands of our customers and increase their satisfaction, prevent pollution, prevent diseases and accidents and increase energy efficiency, our companies determine and select opportunities for improvement of the Integrated Management System by those responsible for the processes, through prioritization and treatment, in which an action plan is drawn up, the guidelines for work incident/accident investigation are established, the actions and responsibilities for the mitigation, correction and prevention of potential and actual non-conformities and opportunities for improvement defined, with permanent evaluation and improvement through the different established mechanisms such as management review, audits, processes review, monitoring of safety issues, occupational health, environment and energy efficiency, among others.


At Enel Colombia we are focused on improving our processes through the implementation of new technologies, research works, among others. This is how we incorporate innovation in our activities, such as, for example, the development of personal protection equipment for work on energy lines, which protects the thorax area from an electrical arc.

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