Virtual Billing Service for Businesses

Welcome to the digital era.


Asking for the bill at the front desk or looking for it in the mailbox, forgetting it on a table, rushing on the last day to pay it, standing in line, losing it again and looking for it to file it and take up space. These are things of the past. The world is constantly changing: faster, more digital, and constantly seeking to be environmentally friendly.

Having your company's bill always arrive in your e-mail instead of physically not only speeds up the process and makes it easier for you to access it, but also saves you storage space.

At Enel Colombia, we are always at the forefront, and to make your life easier, we want your company's bill to reach your inbox instantly. By simply registering, you will receive your virtual bill month after month.

What are the benefits and advantages of virtual billing?

Never lose your bill and consult it at any time.
We always remind you of payment dates for your peace of mind.
It is environmentally friendly as it saves the use of paper.
Your e-mail is a more secure and reliable way to receive your bill.
You will save physical space by not having to store the bills.
You'll have more certainty that you won't lose your bill.