Changes in the format of new connections

The CREG announced that these modifications will take effect as of July 6, 2023 and are aimed at designers, professionals and technicians of construction projects, who are interested in connecting a new property to the electrical network or modifying the existing connection.

What is a simple connection?

It is a connection that complies with the following characteristics:

  • 8 or fewer end accounts in the request location.
  • It requires a total load of up to 34 kW (Bogotá) and up to 20 kW (other municipalities).
  • It has connection range with an existing Low Voltage Network within 30m.

What is the process and requirements to request a connection?


Please note that once the documents have been reviewed, we will contact you at the phone number provided in the request to arrange the virtual and/or on-site visit for the technical verification, so you should be expecting our call.​

What should I take into account for my simple connection?​

The information you provide to Enel Colombia must match the actual project, thus ensuring that the connection complies with the necessary requirements.​

Remember that providing inaccurate, partial or false information, in addition to affecting the connection process by following different stages and being exposed to cost overruns in the development of the project, may result in liabilities derived from misleading the company. In addition, it is important to:

After the work is done you can ask us for a connection to the electricity network of your new account or modifications in your connection by sending the documents through the following channels:


Remember that you can have your project done by a certified private professional or through Enel X by calling 744 74 74, option 4.