Customer Ombudsman

We’re here to help you exercise your rights

  • We provide in-person and virtual assistance with personalized attention, keeping you informed about the status of your request.

  • We enable the negotiation between customers and companies, resolving contractual disputes fairly for both parties and preventing administrative and judicial proceedings.



These are the powers of the Office:

These are requests that have already been addressed by Enel, and the customer is not satisfied with the response received. They can be related to any matter concerning the Public Service Contract, as well as products other than Energy Public Service. It is required that you do not have a pending request for the same reason with the Company’s customer service channels.

The Customer Ombudsman does not handle Petition Rights regarding billing or Appeals because these fall under the exclusive competence of the Company according to Article 153 of Act 142 of 1994.

If your request is a billing complaint, you must submit it through the channels provided by the Company, which you can find here.


If it’s related to service quality, you can also submit it in:

  • The Enel Colombia App
  • Contacting the virtual assistant Elena on WhatsApp at 316 890 6003. To be assisted, you can use the Chat.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility



How to contact the Customer Ombudsman?

You can access the Customer Ombudsman form and submit your complaint through the private area of the Enel website:



Log in, and if you’re already registered, make sure to check that your account and contact information is correct. Select “Customer Ombudsman” from the left menu and choose the type of assistance you require, taking into account the previously described competencies. Don’t forget to fill in all the fields of the form. You can view the response from the Customer Ombudsman in “My Requests” and it will also be sent to your email.