Energy and much more

As a customer, you always expect the best deals on services. Therefore, at Enel Colombia we have a variety of services to supply the electrical installations of your home or business.

We invite you to know and request them.


Work provisional

If you are going to start a construction project you are going to require a temporary energy service to be able to execute your work. Request it by downloading and completing the document at the bottom of the page


Transitory service

Receive power supply for a period of up to 3 months with a charge under 34 kW. This service is used by circuses, fairs, TV productions.


Account unification

With this service you can join two or more energy accounts of your property in a single account, keeping control of the energy consumed in a single invoice.


Electrical Adaptations

This service allows you to make the modification of the external electrical installations that you require, as well as changing the meter.


Installation replacement

We replace your installation when it is damaged or has been stolen from the distribution network.


Meter replacement

Acquire your new energy meter under warranty and installed efficiently.


Charge reduction

If you no longer require all the charge that you have installed in your property, you can request the service and make any changes to the electrical installation that you require


Direct service removal

If the energy service is billed with average capacity consumption, you can request the installation of a meter so that you are billed for the actual consumption.


Seal removal

Remove the security seals of your energy meter. This is at no cost when the electrical work is carried out by Enel Colombia.


Do not hesitate to contact us to request the service you need. Call 744 74 74 Option 6 or enter your data here and an expert will call you in the best possible time.

When we visit you remember to have at hand:

Service authorization and request Letter (in case the legal representative or owner can not take the visit).

Copy of the identity card of the person who authorized or owner

Self declaration or RETIE certificate (depending on the case, see RETIE section)

Know the necessary documents to schedule a visit