Nemocón updates the totality of its public lighting with LED technology

Published on Monday, 27 November 2017

  • Nemocón becomes the second municipality in Cundinamarca operated by CODENSA to have the totality of its public lighting with this technology.
  • The main benefits of LED technology in municipal public lighting is lower energy consumption and a more efficient and environmentally-friendly operation.
  • To date, CODENSA has installed more than 3,000 LED lights in the department.


Nemocón joins the municipalities of the department of Cundinamarca that have decided to update the entirety of their public lighting in both the urban and rural areas, changing all the sodium lights they had to LED lights. The work carried out as part of the CODENSA contract with the municipal administration consisted of changing 1,044 lights, which required more than 5,600 man-hours over two and a half months.

The 13,500 residents of Nemocón will benefit from this update, as LED technology provides more light, consumes 45% less energy, has greater visibility in the reproduction of colors for users, and is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

The new public lighting system implemented by CODENSA in Nemocón features the development of photometric designs that establish the levels of light required in each sector of the municipality, thereby allowing more efficient light installation in the different places.

Additionally, a significant reduction is expected in the rate of failures, because the elements that comprise the new system are very reliable.

With this update, CODENSA completes the installation of more than 3,000 LED lights in Cundinamarca, which has benefitted the residents in the municipalities of Sesquilé, Nemocón, Cajicá, Zipaquirá, Chía, Tabio, El Peñón and Tocancipá.



CODENSA and EMGESA are part of the Enel Group, a multinational energy company and one of the main global integrated operators in the electricity and gas sector. The Group operates in more than 30 countries from four continents, generating energy through an installed net capacity of around 83 GW and distributing electricity and gas to a network of around 2 million kilometers. With more than 65 million users in the world, the Enel Group has the largest customer base compared to its European competitors. The Enel Group is the biggest integrated utility company in Europe in terms of market capitalization, and it is one of the main electricity companies in Europe in terms of installed capacity and reported EBITDA.

Codensa S.A. ESP is a distribution and electric energy sales company, as well as a leader on the market, with more than 3,200,000 clients distributed in Bogotá, 116 municipalities of Cundinamarca, 6 in Boyacá, 4 in Tolima and 3 in Meta. Established in 1997, CODENSA has an installed capacity of 10,633 MVA (megavolt amperes) along 69,821 kilometers of high, medium and low voltage networks. The Company generates around 8,000 jobs both directly and indirectly in Colombia.