Energy for art

Published on Wednesday, 5 December 2018

“The construction of a mural brings many positive things for the city: besides sending a message, we are modifying a space where families, athletes and other people converge, to turn it into a new place. For example, today we are giving the park in the area a new image, so that citizens take ownership and better care of it”

– Daniel Martínez, participant artist of the EnergizArte Festival at La Castellana Substation.

With initiatives like EnergizArte, we seek to build and generate new relationships with the communities, involving them in projects that contribute to generating meeting spaces, and integrating the dynamics of the areas where they live, urban spaces to be enjoyed by the residents and the people who frequent these areas daily.


In this first edition of the festival, proposals for the murals at both substations were selected based on their artistic value and the message of sustainability that they carry intrinsically. Through an exhaustive curatorial work, artists of different generations and different aesthetic vocabularies were chosen, so that an environment of healthy coexistence could be built through a dialogue between their works, with the potential to become a reference for urban art in the country’s capital.

Under this premise of having the same idea from different viewpoints, the artists called to transform the murals at the Substation Autopista focused on the theme of "Clean energies, nature and creativity", to tell through images such as futuristic machines, surreal landscapes, animals and historical figures, the importance of energy in our lives, and the need to open ourselves to sources of sustainable energy generation, to guarantee our well-being and that of future generations.

For its part, the group of artists who participated in the process of transforming the murals at La Castellana took into account the substation’s circular shape and the spaces in which it is located, surrounded by parks, where the people of the area perform different activities. Thus they worked the theme of "the Sun as a source of energy for life" making use of its characteristic yellow color, which evokes light and energy, and reproducing characters from traditional stories where the sun is represented as a carrier of life.

From these creative and innovative ideas, we find a space for the construction of a better city and a better future. As a company, our vision aimed at opening up energy to transform our surroundings, motivates us to continue reaching out to our communities, in order to promote cultural, artistic and community development in our cities.