A vital resource for our children

Published on Thursday, 28 March 2019

“The delivery of these first water filters to these educational institutions marks the beginning of a project that we hope to take to more parts of the country, to deliver quality of life, health and education to all the communities of this Department and other places in the country”

– Andrés Esteban Chávez Sáenz, Deputy Director at Enel Colombia Foundation.

At the Pueblo Nuevo Educational Institution in San Antonio del Tequendama, Doña Alida López is the person responsible for preparing food for the children of this school. She was one of the first to know the benefits that these water filters offer the educational community, since in order to cook the children's meals and prepare juices she had to boil the tap water, which usually had a yellowish color and particles. Now she can have the peace of mind and assurance that she is using clean water suitable for preparing student snacks.

“Receiving this support from the Enel Colombia Foundation and the Siemens Foundation has been very important for us. Today we can offer our children a better quality of life, since through better quality water we can reduce many diseases that often did not allow them to attend their classes normally”

– Isabel Peláez, Secretary of Health, Protection and Development of the Municipality of San Antonio del Tequendama.

Additionally, together with the delivery of these water filters, we developed a series of educational activities so that children can learn the importance of protecting and preserving this vital resource, as well as knowing what these water filters contribute to their health and well-being. In this way, through games that promote teamwork, we encourage them to become small agents of change, and to replicate this message to their families and close ones.