“My born my children were underweight at birth, so it was necessary that I held them to my chest between 3 and 4 hours a day, to give them warmth. Thanks to this benefit that the company gave me, I was able to be part of this process and so we managed to increase their body mass by 50-80 grams each per day. Those moments were very valuable for me because I was able to be part of their development in this first stage, and I could learn from the nurses to take care of them”

Today the babies are more than three months old, and Fernando still has the privilege of carrying out a co-responsible parenting with Monica, through the benefits we offer in the company. On Fridays, taking advantage of the compressed schedule benefit, he leaves at 2 in the afternoon so he can take care of the babies at home. He also chooses his work schedule, starting at 8 in the morning and leaving at 6 in the afternoon; which allows him to carry out his father duties.

Monica ends her maternity leave at the beginning of August, and returns to work in the company, however, this will not be an issue for this family, as both parents can enjoy benefits in the company that allow them to develop and grow personally, family and work wise.

“The quality of life benefits for my wife allow her to develop as a mother while continuing her professional career. Both can happen at the same time with the father's support. I will support her the whole time and she will be able to continue developing his career without any problems with all the support and tools that the company gives us”

Today the mother is not solely responsible for the care of children, but we understand it as teamwork, a shared responsibility, where the role of the father is paramount.


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