Flying Innovation

Published on Thursday, 15 August 2019

“The main impact of our drones is on safety. Today, those of us who have used drones have minimized the risk of snakebites or falls. We have impacted safety issues because fault searches are much faster. We have also impacted the environment because we no longer have to open paths to lay a cable. We have impacted on the quality of service because we went from laying a cable in five days to doing it in just 32 minutes. This makes a difference”

– Franky Cerón, Operational Innovation Leader of the Operating Unit.

Today we have laid more than 100 kilometers of network with the use of drones in Cundinamarca, and we also use them in Bogotá for commercial and energy loss search operations, as well as for network monitoring and laying of high voltage networks. Thanks to the use of these drones, consequently, we have been able to increase our care of the environment, scale and reduce the work at heights, minimize the risks for our operators and improve the quality of life of both our workers and our customers.