PlayEnergy el proyecto que construye el futuro de la mano de nuestros jóvenes

Published on Monday, 25 November 2019

“Transforming concepts, intentions and thoughts in society, is the goal of the innovative projects carried out in PlayEnergy”

– Ana Marcela Parrado - Head of the Enel Idea Hub Unit

I can't believe that we won, out of 83 schools, our Robotics Project won first place. The objective was to motivate and educate in a fun way about the care, conservation and good use of energy; so with an educational book, an app and the cell phone we assemble robots that will help raise awareness.

Among the other two winning institutions, are the Eucarístico Mercedario de Suba School, awarded second place, and the Danilo Cifuentes School, which came third; with projects equally recognized for their contribution and applicability in energy matters.

“Achieving cultural and thought changes that benefit communities through energy is possible thanks to initiatives such as PlayEnergy”

– Pedro Díaz - Head of operations at Enel-Codensa

As teacher of the second place winners, says Reinaldo Narváez, I am very proud of my students because I believe that these types of initiatives, in addition to motivating young people, show them that they can improve the reality of their communities while encouraging other children to take on education and innovation through technology. Thus the importance of this program developed by Enel-Codensa to improve the future of education in the country.

With such initiatives as PlayEnergy and our Energy Watch Program, Enel-Codensa motivates our high school youth through innovation and education to continue their studies to generate solutions today and in the future.

“Being a part of this opportunity developed by Enel-Codensa gives us the opportunity to express our ideas and bring the change the world needs”

– Katherine Molina- Student at the Eucarístico Mercedario de Suba School