If you require energy to start the construction of your project, request a temporary construction site account, which will supply you with energy during construction, assembly and equipment testing.

Do you know what a temporary installation is?


  • It is a connection that allows supplying energy service to a property or project under construction.
  • The technical regulation of electrical installations establishes that the temporary condition will be granted for periods not exceeding six (6) months, extendable at the discretion of the Network Operator, upon request of the user (Enel Requirement: Construction License in force).
  • The temporary installation should not be left as permanent and cannot change from a temporary service class to another use.
  • Leaving a temporary installation as permanent can lead to damages such as inadequate billing since this service class is billed at commercial rates. Additionally, there are electrical risks because it is not designed for the total required load.
  • The grid operator will suspend the temporary connection service when the installation presents a high electrical risk.
  • These requests, like the permanent ones, are classified as simple connections or special connections.


How do I cancel and disconnect?

We want to assist you in the cancellation process for the temporary account. Keep in mind that this procedure can be done through servicioalcliente.empresarial@enel.com or Enel Colombia Service Centers.


Work provisional account cancellations

When requesting the cancellation of your provisional account, it is necessary to relate the name of your project, feasibility and location. 

  • Client must cancel values for withdrawal rights (the account must be up to date for all concepts).
  • Request for cancellation of the account, through the following format here.
  • Natural person: Certificate of freedom and tradition not older than 90 days.
  • Legal person: Certificate of freedom and tradition not older than 90 days.
  • Chamber of Commerce no longer than 90 days.
  • Third request: Certificate of freedom and tradition not older than 90 days
  • Copy of the owner's identity card
  • Copy of identity card of the authorized


If you do not have a release certificate, any of the following documents:

  • Property tax of the last period.
  • Property possession document.
  • Judicial sentence of Adjudication of the property.
  • Administrative resolution of adjudication of the property.
  • CHousing Leasing Contract signed with a legally constituted financial entity.
  • Public deed


The documents must be submitted to the email servicioalcliente.empresarial@enel.com

If you are in Cundinamarca you can request the cancellation at the service centers.