Coffee that delivers welfare to communities

Published on Wednesday, 30 January 2019

“There are many benefits coffee growers obtain with coffee benefit micro-centers, because by optimizing the transformation processes of our product we can increase its quality, which will allow us to earn more income and therefore afford a better quality of life for our families.”

– Aminta Díaz, coffee grower of the municipality of Mesitas del Colegio.


From this joint work with the coffee-growing families of Cundinamarca, it has been possible to deliver 4 coffee benefit micro-centers, in the municipalities of Gachetá, Viotá, Gachalá and El Colegio, with which we have directly benefited 384 coffee producers, not only supporting their families but also contributing to the progress of this department.

Additionally, we have sought to promote a cooperative work culture among the coffee farmers involved and other organizations, for which we have promoted associativity, budget management, team decision making, among other skills that will allow them to continue strengthening the development of this productive activity in the region.

“We as a company know the needs of the communities where we operate, and that is why we want to contribute to their progress and development. Today we are making it possible, through a mechanism that allows us to take on a role as facilitators where, by becoming their allies and adding our efforts to help them get ahead, people can build a better future for themselves and their families”

– Carlo Ferrara, Sustainability Manager at Enel Colombia.