Building a culture of transparency

Published on Friday, 28 June 2019

“With the anti-bribery certification we generate value for the company, first internally because it shows our employees that the company carries out its processes in a transparent manner, builds trust in the different actors, and acts responsibly with its acquired commitments. And at an external level it gives a sign of corporate maturity and shows that we are committed to honestly complying with the rules”

– Eugenio Belinchong, Audit Manager.

Tools to achieve transparency

The Anti-Bribery Management System Certification is one more step that Enel Colombia takes towards the pursuit of excellence in our anti-corruption practices, and is the result of the work we have done for more than 10 years with our Compliance Program, which covers a series of initiatives, protocols and activities, to avoid the risk of fraud, corruption and other crimes by our employees, suppliers and contractors.

One of the tools in this program is the zero tolerance plan against corruption, which defines our actions and identifies possible corruption risks, while creating controls to avoid or detect these events in time. In this way we identify the areas of our company with potential corruption risks, such as those in charge of bidding contracts. We also devise ways to avoid bribing, gifts, and deals that may favor any of the parties involved.

Likewise, we seek to create spaces for our workers to join our zero tolerance against corruption vision. For this we carry out regular activities, training programs and build dissemination strategies to promote good practices and raise awareness of our policies on issues of ethics, crime management and anti-corruption practices.