Illumination that contributes to progress

Published on Friday, 5 July 2019

“In Villapinzón we had 657 luminaires. Many of them were already out of service, so many sectors of the municipality remained dark, leading to insecurity problems. But with the modernization of the LED luminaires, the municipality improved its appearance, especially in public spaces and areas for leisure”

– Gildardo Melo Garnica, Mayor of Villapinzón

“This is a technology that will improve public spaces, road safety and will guarantee merchants and citizens much safer spaces in our municipality”

– Luis Peñalosa, Mayor of Sibaté


In 2017 we undertook a process of modernization to LED technology of public lighting in Cundinamarca, with the purpose of continuing to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of our customers in the department. So far, we have managed to modernize with LED technology the entire public lighting system of 5 municipalities: Nemocón, Sesquilé, Chocontá, and now Sibaté and Villapinzón. Additionally, we have transformed the lighting of parks of the municipalities of Tocancipá, Chía, Cajicá, Tabio, Tenjo, La Palma, the main roads of Zipaquirá, and the urban sector of El Peñón, among others. With all these projects, the installation of more than 9,000 LED technology luminaires in Cundinamarca is completed, contributing to the progress and quality of life of Cundinamarca families.


“One of the objectives that we have set as a company is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of inhabitants, and through the modernization projects with LED lighting we can achieve this, since among many of the advantages that this new lighting offers is to provide a greater perception of security, which improves in many aspects the activities in the municipalities”

– Álvaro Ladino, Head of the Business to Government Sales Division

Now it is the turn of Mesitas del Colegio, where we are currently modernizing more than 2,000 luminaries to LED technology in the urban and rural sector of the municipality. This will benefit more than 22 thousand inhabitants. Thus, we continue advancing in our commitment to bring efficient and sustainable energy to Cundinamarca to boost trade, tourism and promote the enjoyment of public spaces during the night.