New Connections

We want to give you the tranquility that we do everything with the transparency and efficiency that your project needs, so we would like to accompany you during all the stages of the connection process. If your project has more than 100 accounts or will consume more than 1MVA, call us at 6016000 – Option 2 and request the personalized accompaniment once you have the answer to your feasibility.

Stages of the process

New connections

Certificate of habitability

Request your certificate of habitability at the Builder's Office without having to wait for long periods of time to obtain your housing subsidy in a timely manner.

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Request for availability

We attend your request for energy service availability to process the planning license and/or the construction license.

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Service request

We want to make your process easier. Learn how to process a service request for your construction project.

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Work provisional

Contract the service for work provisionals with us, and a group of electrical engineers and consultants will be at your disposal to give you a solution tailored to your needs.

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Request for protection curves

See how you should request protection curves for your project.

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Filing of electrical designs

Download the detailed guide and the necessary documents to carry out the process of filing the electrical designs of your construction project.

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Document delivery

Learn what to do to deliver documents and bring your project to life.

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Request for work order

Download the new documents and already know the options we have incorporated with respect to validities.

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Request for meters and measurement groups

Learn about the process for requesting the installation of meters and measurement groups.

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Consult my projects

Easily consult all your projects and the details of each one.

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