The digital signature is a tool through which Enel Colombia digitally authenticates approved designs through digital certificates, showing the approval information.




1. Decree 100 was issued on March 13, 2019 and applies to events after its entry into force. In that sense, it will apply for projects in the city of Bogotá whose application for a construction license has been filed before urban curatorships after March 13, 2019, in compliance with article 24 of the decree. This one can be consulted here.

2. For the construction, remodeling or relocation of substations in existing properties that require a construction license requested after March 13, 2019, the provisions of Decree 100 apply. In case the work does not require a construction license, the pronouncement of the competent entity in Bogotá (urban curatorships) compliance with National Decree 1077 of 2015.

3. For MT / BT substations defined in Decree 100, free access from outside the property must be contemplated. Through free access, direct and unobstructed intervention must be guaranteed to the maneuvering equipment (entry and / or exit cells) to be operated by competent personnel authorized by Enel Colombia in case of contingencies or for the connection of new users , this in order to guarantee the continuity of the electric power service of the property and the community.

It is precise that it is not about free access to the property, but free access to the maneuvering equipment without affecting the tranquility and security when avoiding the entrance of the personnel inside the property.

4. In the case of construction of substations at level, underground or semi-submersible located in public space, these may not be located in areas defined as platforms. In compliance with urban planning standards (IDU card, POT, etc.) they must also comply with the provisions of the Institute for Urban Development - IDU, providing licenses for intervention and occupation of public space for its construction.