The energy that illuminates the homes of Cundinamarca

Published on Thursday, 22 August 2019

“We went back home and saw a man who was finishing mounting a pole, and I asked myself: "My God, could it be that they are installing the electricity service? Then we saw that they were installing all the connections, and one of the technicians came and told me: ‘From now on you will have power”

– Virginia Fonseca, inhabitant of Naranjalito.

Today, thanks to the work we do at Enel-Codensa, Virginia Fonseca and Florentino Mora can turn on the living room light at night, listen to music on a radio and refrigerate what they buy in town, like that day they were told that their home was finally going to have energy.


Universal access to this important service

The project that allowed Virginia and Florentino to have electricity in their home began back in 2015 with the studies and analysis phase, in which 3,200 homes in Cundinamarca located in areas of difficult access or distanced from other populations were found to lack electric power service. Cundinamarca 100% was then born to provide the service to the entire department population, and we carry it out in conjunction with the Rural Electrification Support Fund (FAER), the Royalty Management System (SGR) and the Governorate of the department.

To date, more than 3,000 families have benefited from this program, either through the traditional solution, which consists of connecting their homes to electrical network sources in dispersed areas, or through innovative solutions such as the installation of solar panels or the construction of a mini-grid that generates and distributes renewable energy by combining photovoltaic energy from the sun’s rays during the day, with energy produced with diesel during the night.

Homes with good energy

The program objective is to supply 8,500 homes located in rural areas with electric power by 2022, but we also aim to continue to offer additional solutions tailored to families requesting service anywhere in Cundinamarca.

“This is a social commitment: not only do we want to bring energy to all families, but we want all of Cundinamarca to have electricity by 2022. Aside from that, to be able to detect in which regions of the department we can generate shared value projects, which is where we can really transcend.”

– Óscar Iván González, Deputy Manager of the Cundinamarca Networks and Infrastructure Operational Unit.

Cundinamarca 100% is part of our commitment to improve the quality of life of people and contribute to the development of the country. Ensuring access to electricity in rural areas helps strengthen the agricultural sector and generate jobs in construction and infrastructure installation. It also makes life easier for people who, like Virginia and Florentino, now have a service that brings them closer to others and offers them the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of electric power. In addition, expanding coverage allows us to expand our customer base and strengthen relationships with the community and departmental institutions.