2. Prepare your project design before submitting it for review

Download our Guide for the presentation of V3 projects - August 30, 2019 and learn about the legal and technical information to be taken into account for the filing of your project before Enel-Codensa.

Additionally, Enel-Codensa has developed some documents attached to the guide, which are available for you to develop your projects.

Download the New annexes for the presentation of electrical projects (spanish version).

If your project requires a protection coordination study, request the protection curves and short-circuit currents by calling the 6016000 Service Line, option 2.


3. Develop your project design

  • Carry out your design considering the guidelines established in the current national regulations (RETIE, NTC 2050, others that apply) and international standards, and the company’s technical standards.
  • Include any consideration, standard or specification that supports the designer's criteria for the project.
  • Organize and develop your project according to the Enel-Codensa Project Submission Guide. Your project will be reviewed under these guidelines.



1. Decree 100 was issued on March 13, 2019 and applies to events after its entry into force. In this sense, it will apply to projects whose construction license application has been filed with the curatorship after March 13, 2019, in compliance with article 24 thereof. The norm can be consulted at the following link: https://www.bogotajuridicadigital.gov.co/sisjur/normas/Norma1.jsp?i=83118.

2. For the construction, remodeling or relocation of substations in existing properties that require a construction license requested after March 13, 2019, the provisions of Decree 100 apply. In the event that the works do not require a construction license, the decision of the competent entity in Bogotá (urban curatorships) must be provided in compliance with National Decree 1077 of 2015.

3. For MV/LV substations defined in Decree 100, free access from the outside of the property must be contemplated. Direct and unhindered intervention must be guaranteed through free acces of the maneuver equipment (entry/exit cell) to be manipulated by the network operator in case of contingencies or for the connection of new users, from the outside of the property.

It must be noted that it is not about granting free access to the property but about providing free access to the maneuver equipment, in order to guarantee the continuity of the electric power service of the property and the community, thus ensuring that competent personnel authorized by the network operator can operate the equipment to prevent situations of electrical risk, and opportunely attending interruptions of service, among other events, without affecting the tranquility and security within the premises by avoiding entry of unathorized personnel.

4. In cases of construction of substations at ground, underground or semi-submersible level located in public spaces, these can not be located in defined areas such as platforms. This is in fulfilment of urbanistic norms (por example: IDU booklet, POT, etc.), and must also comply with the provisions of the Urban Development Institute - IDU, providing the respective public space occupation and intervention licenses for the construction.


4. File your project design

If you are in Bogota, go to the Enel-Codensa Builder's Office, located at Avenida Suba 128 A # 22, piso 2, or if you are in another municipality, visit any of the service centers authorized for such procedure; and submit all project-related information in digital format.


5. Find out the result

You will receive an official communication via email, SMS and phone to inform you of the status of your project within 15 business days following the filing date (Resolution CREG 070 of 1998).

In the event that the design has not been approved, you will receive a report with observations on the points that must be adjusted and if it applies, the calculation reports and drawings in PDF will be sent with the comments.


6. Download the signed plan

If the design was approved, you will receive an email indicating that the digitally signed plan can be downloaded online. You can also download the verifiable copy (PDF format with QR code) that you can print as many times as necessary and that will allow you to review the plan from any mobile device.

You can download the signed plan in the following ways:



7. Validate the digital signature

The digital signature is a tool through which Enel-Codensa digitally authenticates approved designs through digital certificates, showing the approval information.

To verify the authenticity of the approved design, you must add each certificate to your trusted list and then you can automatically validate any new design (the digital certificate is unique for each Enel-Codensa reviewer, so you must download the digital certificate of who appears as signer in the approved document only once). To do this, follow the following steps.